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Gazebos & Lace is the premier designer of Augusta, Pembrook and Cotswold Gazebos worldwide, as well as being the manufacturers of decorative Victorian brookie lace and Contemporary lace panels for not only our Gazebo’s, but also the use around carports, undercover decks, veranda’s, porches and patio’s.

Our beautifully designed Gazebos are the perfect solution to transfrom your garden into a space where you can relax and fall in love with the energy around you.

An attractive focal point that will not only be functional, but also enhance the asthetics of your garden.

Available in various sizes and styles, our low maintenance DIY Gazebos and lace panels are shipped countrywide and abroad in ‘easy to assemble’ kits made easy for homeowners to erect within a matter of hours, with our helpful instructional step by step guide to assist.

Used as a beautiful focal point for events, weddings, braai’s / barbeques, an afternoo tea with friends or simply just to create that tranquil and relaxing space in your garden for reading and taking some time out.

Our Gazebos are manufactured from exclusively extruded di-cast aluminium profiles with UV stabilised polymers, to give you years and years of durability and year round enjoyment. Perfect for every season.